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Around Changdeok Palace

Around Changdeok Palace

As I stepped inside the Changdeokgung, it brought a smile in my heart.  “Ah…one of my dream is about to come true!”, I exclaimed in silence.

Amidst the cold and falling snow, I pulled out my camera and started shooting.

I finally captured a white Korean palace.  Another check on my bucket list.

It’s much enchanting when seen in person, but I hope I was able to share my joys with you through these photos.

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope that you’ll visit again.

어서 오세요! Come and visit Korea.

Have a happy, fun and exciting Korea Tour! Be Enchanted!

감사합니다. 건강하고 행복하세요!

방탄소년단 (BTS) – DDP Music Bank / Oct 9, 2015

방탄소년단 (BTS) – DDP Music Bank / Oct 9, 2015

What I like about KBS World is that they are streaming live and it allows me to watch one of my favorite group – BTS – on their actual performance even if I’m on the other side of the world =).

I enjoyed their performance today at KBS Music Bank in Dongdaemun Plaza.  Their entrance was dope! Walking through the audience is one awesome entrance =) as the fans gets to be close to them.  Ahehehhe! (being a fan girl)

I love their entrance song  흥탄소년단 , this is one of their songs that I like as the lyrics pretty much fits the group’s personality.  I also like it as it is so upbeat that I can dance to it to relieve my stress.=)

The main song that they performed is 쩔어 (DOPE), one of their latest songs released.  Their choreography is awesome on this song, so fast that even the members can’t believe how fast they are dancing.  Overall, BTS boys was full of energy during their performance which I really love! Totally Awesome Bangtan! 

Credits to KBSWorldTV at Youtube for the video / @bts_twt (official twitter of BTS. / KBS World TV and Music Bank / asiatoday photo

King Sejong Story Museum

King Sejong Story Museum

It’s our first official day to tour Korea and our first destination is the famous Gwanghwamun Square [광화문광장] where the majestic statue of King Sejong welcomes everyone right at the heart of the plaza.

King Sejong welcomes everyone at the heart of Gwanghwamun Square
King Sejong welcomes everyone at the heart of Gwanghwamun Square

*How to get to Gwanghwamun, please check our video on this link.

Amidst the beautiful and captivating scenery of the plaza, Korea established an underground museum in honor of his highness.

King Sejong the great is the fourth King of Joseon dynasty and served his country from 1397 to 1450.  He was known for being a kind king and one of his many great contribution is the creation of Korea’s own alphabet “Hangeul” [한글].

King Sejong's Museum Entrance is right behind his majestic statue.
King Sejong’s Museum Entrance is right behind his majestic statue.

Of course, I wouldn’t miss visiting his museum as I am greatly interested of how Hangeul came about and to discover more of who King Sejong the great is.

The museum walls are filled with Hangeul Alphabets placed in a very artistic way.

Korean Alphabet "한글" (Hangeul)
Korean Alphabet “한글” (Hangeul)
Calligraphy of Hangeul Alphabet

And a huge framed Hangeul calligraphy (which is really historic looking for me.  I felt liked I was  teleported back in time.). I always wanted to learn how to write like this but still haven’t got the chance to try (hopefully soon).

Miniature artworks are also on display to show what it was like during King Sejong reign.

King Sejong and his councils.
King Sejong and his scholar advisers.
Joseon people learning the Hangeul through the efforts of King Sejong’s project in teaching not only the scholars but all of his countrymen especially the poor.
King Sejong encountered many difficulties in fulfilling his dream to propagate the Hangeul but all his hardwork paid off.

It’s amazing how they have created this miniature.  It’s really a work of art (if I may say =P).

History was summarized on one side of the museum wall.  And since this is a tourist spot, descriptions are made available in English for foreigners and in Hangeul for Korea’s people and for those who are learning and learned Hangeul (like me =P).





A special audio application guide was created for both android and iphone smart phones to assist the visitors in preferred language in touring the museum (really fancy and cool, right?). Just place your phone over the Qcode and it will direct you to download the application right away.

sejong-5On the other part of the museum, colorful small frames of Hangeul written letters made by Korean people (most of them are students) in honor of King Sejong, Hangeul, Family and of their great passion to their country.

My mom and me posing in front of the colorful letter frames.
Funky Mama doing the Korean peace pose =P.
Colorful and heartfelt letters.
If you know Korean language, you will definitely enjoy reading these letters on the museum walls.

Information desks are available (of course)

sejong-21sejong-19 and a souvenir shop filled with interesting items related to King Sejong, Hangeul and all about Korea.sejong-20

sejong-22 sejong-23 sejong-24 sejong-28 sejong-27 sejong-26 sejong-25 sejong-29 sejong-30 sejong-31 sejong-32One hour is not enough to roam the whole museum especially if you opt to read everything and devour the history of Hangeul.

It was an amazing experience for me and it brought me to appreciate more the Korean language.  It led me to give more effort in my studies and aiming to be fluent in a much faster pace.

Thank you for reading my blog and enjoying my photos.  I encourage you to visit King Sejong’s Story Museum during your Korea tour and experience it for yourself.

What are you waiting for? Add this Korea Spot on your to visit list.

어서 오세요! Come and visit King Sejong’s Story Museum.

감사합니다. 건강하고 행복하세요!