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SS301 Eternal 5

SS301 Eternal 5

My ever favorite Kpop group is back SS301 Ur Man (sub-unit of SS501) with their mini-album “Eternal 5” and title track “Pain”.

SS301 Eternal 5

It’s been like forever since they last performed together and we (their fans) are all excited for their comeback.  They didn’t comeback as SS501 (as we all wanted) as the other two members are currently doing their military duties.  However, this mini-album still show their SS501 color.  They never lost their identities with all those hiatus years as a group.  I must say… they still have the SS501 touch which I admire and like.  

Their MV shows their unique moves which is simple and realistic.  

Awww… I really miss them and their funny witty selves.  aaaiiingg! I’m really happy that they are back and praying for all the best in their promotions and concerts.  

I can’t wait for their album that I order to arrive and I have great anticipation for their comeback as a whole group SS501! That day will soon come! 화이팅 SS301!


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