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Nails|Nature Republic|Rose 르즈

Nails|Nature Republic|Rose 르즈

Nature Republic also has a lineup of nail polishes.

NR-Rose48-1 NR-Rose48-6

This particular color which is number 48 is called Rose.  However, the output color is somewhat peachy gold and the finish is shiny and shimmering.


I received great compliments wearing it.  Though it is simple, yet it is very catchy and noticeable.  Great to wear even at work.


The price also is very cheap at  3,500.  Grab one for yourself and give it a try! Let your nails shimmer like Gold .

Nails | Beyond | Our Nature 22

Nails | Beyond | Our Nature 22

If you love green, then this color is sure worth a try.   The bottle has a unique shape and look.  The texture is a bit thick than the usual nail polish.  It somewhat have a gel-like shiny finish to it.


I tried single coating [with my messy painting 🙂 ] and it is somewhat lacking as seen on the photo below.  My pinky had a double coating and it resulted to a much darker color.


The dark moss color made my hand’s skin tone a bit whiter. [so amazing right?! =) ] .  And it lasted for 5 days before it started chipping off.  It is still best to apply a base coat and a top coat to make it last longer.

This is my first time to try nail polish from BEYOND store and overall, I liked it.  My room mate – Cass – should have bought more from her Korea tour. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…

Beyond-OurNature-22-3Price ₩ 3,500