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COL set to launch 1st online fund supermarket in the PH

COL set to launch 1st online fund supermarket in the PH

This latest innovation from COL Financial aims to make investing easier for everyone

Source: COL set to launch 1st online fund supermarket in the PH

Wow, this totally awesome news.  I can’t wait for its launch.  Thanks COL Financial.

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Why You Should Pay Yourself Second – and How You Should

Why You Should Pay Yourself Second – and How You Should

I read this very interesting article and I believe that it is but right to share it to you.  Keep reading! ~^^


Paying yourself first (saving and investing each month before living on what is left over) is a popular but seldom practiced concept. I love the principle, but, for followers of Christ, I would modify it by stating that we should pay ourselves second after we give to God. The three money management priorities for believers, therefore, are:
Give to God. Pay yourself (save and invest).Live on what you have left.Simple enough, right? But simple doesn’t equate to easy, and, unfortunately, many have it upside down: living life first, then giving and saving if they have anything left over.
Because Christians has many great giving/tithing articles, I will focus on the second priority – paying yourself: specifically, building an emergency fund and investing for retirement.
Paying Yourself an Emergency FundHow do you cope when your air conditioner goes out or your car’s engine decides to give up the ghost? Even more importantly, how would your family survive if you or your spouse lost your job? Because (according to the Wall Street Journal) seventy percent of you are living paycheck to paycheck, there is a good chance you aren’t prepared.
You need at least three months of monthly expenses set aside for emergencies, but most financial advisers recommend six or even twelve months. Anything less is a life of constant stress.
Paying Yourself a Retirement FundAs a rule of thumb, you should have, at retirement, a nest egg of at least 20 times your current annual salary. Yes, you read that correctly . . . your retirement fund will need to pay your living expenses for all of your retirement years (20 to 30 for most people) while keeping up with inflation.
I am amazed at how many people in their thirties, forties and even older have made no plans for retirement. Newsflash: you WILL grow old unless you die first. You have no other options.
How to Make it Happen Hopefully, I have ratcheted your anxiety level up a few notches. Good! Now . . . use that emotion to re-prioritize your finances. “Where,” you ask, “is this money supposed to come from?” Great question with a simple answer: quit giving your money to others (i.e. get out of debt). How much are your car payments, student loan payments, credit card payments and other ongoing debt payments?
If you are ever going to start paying yourself, you need to attack that debt first. Consider setting a time goal, such as two years or less. Will it be easy? Probably not. You may need to work another job, fore-go vacations, quit eating out and drop your cable TV, but you cannot break old habits by fine tuning them. You need to get radical, and doing so will pay huge dividends. If, for example, you have been paying others $800 every month, paying yourself that amount will give you a $20,000 emergency fund in two years; investing that $800 every month could give you a million dollars toward retirement in another 28 years.
Helpful Hint Arrange your budget format to match your priorities, (Giving, then Saving, then other budget items) as in the following top few rows of the budget form I use. By prioritizing your giving and saving, you will learn how much money you have left to live on. If there simply isn’t enough, don’t despair. It may take some time, but plan on incrementally bumping that giving and saving until you get where you want to be.
 So . . . what are you going to do? Keep paying others or start paying yourself? The choice is yours!
 How do you currently prioritize your finances? What would you like those priorities to be? Do you have a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be?
 by  Joe Plemon | Aug 21, 2012 10:00 am |
Source: Why You Should Pay Yourself Second – and How You Should
Nobody planned to fail in life; They just failed to plan.

Nobody planned to fail in life; They just failed to plan.

Think about it. Have you ever met anyone who planned to fail? Someone who wakes up in the morning and says, “Gosh, I really want to fail in life. I want to end up totally miserable. I want to end up divorced. I want to be hated by my family. I want to be broke forever and live in abject poverty. I want to suffer from a dreaded skin disease. Let me plan how to do this…”
Nope, I haven’t met anyone who planned to fail.
But I’ve met many who failed to plan.
 Do you want to win in life? Then you have to plan to win.
 Here’s the truth: Winners are planners.
A long time ago, a friend who was very religious told me, “I don’t plan. I just trust God. I just accept whatever happens as God’s will.”
I told her, “I think God wants us to plan.”
“How come?” she asked me.
“If God didn’t want us to plan, then He shouldn’t have given us a phenomenal brain that can imagine the future. The Bible also says, Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. (Proverbs 21:5)”
Do you want to prosper in every area of your life?
Then you have to plan to prosper… Yes, There are things that are beyond our CONTROL. But most of the things are in our Control, God Gives us the ability to do so.
The correct mindest would be: “I will do all I can do, then God will do the Rest.”
Credits to Ana Estolas for Sharing (5 August 2012 at 01:33).
Receiving God’s Blessings

Receiving God’s Blessings

It’s kind of ironic that we keep asking God to provide and bless us, and when He does, we either fail to recognize it or we fear in accepting it. And then we continue to complain that God never answer our prayers. God unconditionally bless us with all the things that He knows we need and in His generosity and kindness, He even bless us with our wants.  But it is up to us on how our hearts will accept these.  It’s not God’s incapability to give but it’s our incapability to receive.We all have to learn that when we ask God for bountiful blessings, we concurrently prepare our hearts in receiving, for us not to miss out on His blessings. 
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Source: 케이시 스토리: Soul’s Exhale : Receiving God’s Blessings